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Delhi Dance Company

Delhi Dance Company

Some of our most valuable clients are:

1. Sent G.V.S. School
2. Hero Moter Bike
3. Sony Company
4. NavBharat Times
5. Colt Company
6. NTT Data
7. E.T.C. Punjabi Live Shows
8. P.T.C. Punjabi Live Shows
9. Kamla Nehru collage

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Our Mission

The mission of the DDC is to inculcate in every dancer self assurance, confidence, admiration for music and affection for dance. Our passion is seen in the triumph of our students in different dance forms at both national and international competitions and what is more important is the fun they have in doing what they admire the most.

We help inspired individuals make pioneering TV Programs that not only think about the masses but even have a significant social impact on common people, thus enhancing the excellence of media and amusement.