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Delhi Dance Company

Fee for delhi dance company

Classes/Fee Monthly (In Rs.) Quarterly (In Rs.) Half Yearly (In Rs.) Yearly (In Rs.)
All weekend and weekday batches(3 hours per Week) 2000/- 5000/- 9000/- 16000/-
All 5 days a week classes(5 hours per Week) 2500/- 6000/- 11000/- 20000/-
Children 3 days a week (3 hours per Week) 1500/- 3500/- 6500/- 12000/-
Arobics (2 hours Per Week) & Zumba (3 hours per Week) 2000/- 5000/- 9000/- 16000/-
Carbon+Professional Course (9 hours every week) N/A 12000/- 20000/- 36000/-

Private Classes
Hourly - Rs. 1500/-
6 Hours Package - Rs. 6000/-
20 Hours Package - Rs. 16000/-
Trial class
Trial class of 1 hour or 1.5 hour duration: Rs.300 per person (paid before the class begins); FREE if student joins (Please pre-book).
Drop-in class
1 hour drop in class during an existing batch: Rs.500 per person (Please pre-book).
1.5 hour drop in class during an existing batch: Rs.500 per person (Please pre-book).
3 hour drop in class during an existing batch: Rs.1000 per person (Please pre-book).

1 hour drop in class as a private session: Rs.1000 per person.
Private classes at home location
1 hour tuition for small groups where our instructor travels to your home: Rs.2000 per hour for locations within 8km and Rs 3500 per hour for all areas in Delhi beyond 8km radius (phone booking required). For areas beyond Delhi/NCR, our charges are Rs 15,000 per day per choreographer + food + accommodation.
Corporate classes at office location
1 hour dance or fitness training for groups (upto 25) we travel to your office: Rs.4500 per session of 1 hour (2 instructors) and Rs 3500 per session (1 instructor). (phone booking required). All Delhi and NCR areas covered.
Note: Fee once paid is non-refundable and non-adjustable. We would do our best to adjust the fee in other dance form batches if for some reason you can’t attend/ don’t like one batch, but the fee will NOT be refunded. If you have paid for multiple months, we can move your account to another dance form at the end of the month.

If you have any query, or would like to know about our schedules and different courses, please email us at or give us a call at office no +91-9990022895

Our Mission

The mission of the DDC is to inculcate in every dancer self assurance, confidence, admiration for music and affection for dance. Our passion is seen in the triumph of our students in different dance forms at both national and international competitions and what is more important is the fun they have in doing what they admire the most.

We help inspired individuals make pioneering TV Programs that not only think about the masses but even have a significant social impact on common people, thus enhancing the excellence of media and amusement.

Who we are?

Delhi Dance Company (DDC) is one of the premier academies for education in dance in the capital city. An energetic forerunner ...